Surveying Vol-1 by-B.C.Punmia

Surveying Vol-1 by-B.C.Punmia

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Author – B.C. Punmia, Ashok Kumar Jain, Arun Kumar Jain

Language – English

Publisher – Laxmi Publication

Surveying – Vol. 1 is a great reference guide for Civil Engineers who are studying about the plane and geodetic surveying methodologies. The first volume focuses on both the theoretical concepts and their practical applications.

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Surveying – Vol. 1 contains twenty-four chapters, some of which are Trigonometrical Levelling, Contouring, Setting Out Works, and Tacheometric Surveying. The first chapter focuses on fundamental definitions and concepts. Every topic is comprehensively explained and is accompanied by relevant examples of their practical use. Furthermore, the authors have included a wide range of numerical examples for the benefit of the readers. A unique approach of this book is that it contains methodologies which are of use to both older and newer machinery. Surveying – Vol. 1 also extensively covers instrumental adjustments and alterations required in the implements when Civil Engineers are surveying.



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